Online Course Showcasing Event

image from pbo 31

The online course showcasing event is hosted by the JIBC and organized by JIBC and VCC.  The purpose of this event is to bring together post-secondaries in the lower mainland to showcase their “best” online courses.

Each institution has picked 1 or 2 examples of their best in one or more of the following categories (total 2 submissions/institution). We are focussing on “best” from an instructional design perspective:

1.    Best extended LMS: how do you extend your institutional LMS to create a well-designed online course? Or, do you have a best example of a course built outside of the LMS?

2.    Instructional Design: show your course that is your most creative instructional design or addressed a challenging teaching and learning context problem.

The format

Each presentation is 20 minutes, with a collective 30 minute discussion at the end of each category.  There will also be a final 30 minute discussion following the category sessions that focusses on what we saw from a design/look and feel perspective and its importance to instructional design.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

A draft schedule and registration details will follow.

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