2011 Showcase Information

November 30, 2011 | 9:00-3:30 p.m.
JIBC Theatre

The online course showcasing event is co-hosted by JIBC and VCC and sponsored by the Metro Vancouver Educational Developers Network.
.  The purpose of the event is to bring together post-secondary institutions in the lower mainland to showcase their “best” online courses.

For this year’s showcase we invite proposals that focus on design decisions that are made because of the particular needs of students in the following categories:

1.  Accessibility:  We invite proposals that demonstrate design considerations of students with specific needs in terms of learning, mobility or physical challenges. We also invite proposals that focus on design considerations that take into account student’s technological, geographic or life/work/education constraints.

2.  Mobile learning:  We hope to receive proposals that demonstrate how we are designing in consideration of the growing space that mobile learning occupies in conjunction with or independent of desktop learning.

3.  Online courses in post-sec and beyond:  We are inviting proposals that demonstrate your “best” with a focus on design considerations made because of the particular needs of students.

Note. We invite proposals from the private training sector, non-profits, and NGOs to capture a broader range of students.

Proposal Submissions:  deadline November 15, 2011

Fill in the online form at this link: http://bit.ly/nhVPUk  (if you have problems with the form submit it by email to Karen or Tannis—see below)

Submit a 1-2 paragraph description that:
1.    provides some info about the course you are presenting
2.    outlines why it is a good candidate for the category (accessibility; mobile learning; online courses in post-sec and beyond)
3.    briefly tells us how you will be showcasing it (NO Powerpoints!  You must be able to show a live or an archived or duplicated instance of your course)

The selection process will favour a broad representation from the post-secs in addition to non-profits, NGOs, and private or corporate training. Please contact Karen (kbelfer AT vcc DOT ca) or Tannis (tmorgan AT jibc DOT ca) if you have any questions.

Register to Attend (FREE!):  http://bit.ly/qbry2P 

Submit a Proposal:  http://bit.ly/nhVPUk


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