Accessibility–introducing Chad Leaman

We’re thrilled that Chad Leaman has agreed to open our Accessibility category.  Chad attended the showcase last year, and I was really interested in his role at the Neil Squire Society and some of the projects he is involved in.  Here’s some info about Chad:

Chad Leaman has been with the Neil Squire Society for eight years, working directly with people with disabilities and empowering them through technology. Over the last six years, he has led the organization’s growth of online learning and connecting to various rural and aboriginal learning centers. He has spoken at numerous conferences on themes of e-Learning and accessibility, including being the keynote speaker at the Innovative Professor Conference. His current projects include running a network of free-computer sites in Burnaby; creating an online one-on-one computer tutoring program; and usingspeech recognition as transcription with the Liberated Learning consortium.


– Envisioned, launched and managed our Distance Computer Comfort Program:

– Manage our Distance Employ-Ability Program, including a close working relationship with the Pentiction Indian Band over the last seven years:

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