Online showcase will be web streamed

Sonic Neon Sign

photo by KB35

The online course showcase is a f2f event, but we’ll be able to web stream it this year, thanks to the JI’s fabulous Tech Services department.  This will be our first stab at it, so keep in mind that some portions of the day might not be captured, and there might be some unknowns.  So with this disclaimer, we ask that you still register for the event, but check the “attend in person” or “attend via web streaming” boxes on the registration form, so we can track participation via web.  If you are local, we really hope you’ll attend in person, since we serve a fabulous lunch and it’s a great way to meet other colleagues.  And please do the poll on the right of this screen to help us plan the event.

If you aren’t local, and want to be a remote presenter, we’re working on that too.  Details will follow, so stay tuned.

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