The Tech

Elsecar 1930's neon sign
We are striving for a set up  that works for our presenters and our webcast  and f2f audience.

The theatre has one screen and projector, a PC podium with the basics (Firefox and Explorer). Presenters will have a lapel mic and there will be a roaming mic for the f2f audience questions.  We also have an Apple TV setup for presenters who want to use their iPad 2 for their presentation instead.  There will be wireless access for all theatre guests.

We will have some student volunteers who will be monitoring the #ocshowcase2011 twitter activity. Sylvia Currie from BCcampus will be facilitating the webcast participants in Twitter as well.  BCcampus is helping to make an etherpad setup for those want to help/try out live collaborative notetaking.

And lastly, we are so grateful that Leva Lee from ETUG/Bccampus will be our MC for the event, to free up Karen and I do the other running around.

Of course will ask for your forgiveness at the outset for the inevitable tech glitches that may occur. Hopefully the fabulous lunch will  make up for it.

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