Final Details

We’ve had several people ask about whether they are confirmed for the showcase or not.  The google form system doesn’t send out confirmations, so we’ve sent what follows to everybody on the registration list.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, November 30 at the JIBC in New Westminster, or via the web stream.

Schedule:  the schedule for the day has been posted at:

Getting to and from the JIBC New Westminster:
Some transit info is here:

Parking:  Parking is free

Wifi:  There will be guest wifi access in the theatre

Bring a sweater:  Some parts of the theatre can be chilly at times
Bring a coffee cup and water bottle:
Keep in touch with emerging information at

Participating via webstream:
This is the JIBC webcast entry page: .  You will need to enter the required field (First name and Last name) to view the webcast.

Sylvia Currie and some fabulous co-op students from Bccampus will be facilitating web streaming participants via a Twitter Stream which you can follow by using #ocshowcase2011. Bccampus will also have an Etherpad ( check here for more info about what Etherpad is setup for collaborative notetaking which will be accessible to the virtual participants.  The link for the BCcampus set up is:

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1 Response to Final Details

  1. Here’s the link for the etherpad page for notetaking:
    See you all tomorrow!

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