2011 Event Schedule

Here is the ‘final’ schedule:

830-900: meet and coffee in Atrium

900-915: settle in Theatre, Introductions, Housekeeping

Mobile Learning

915-930: Mobile Moodle, Jason Shaw, VCH

935-950: Anytime, Anywhere: Mobile Companion for Face-to-Face Course, Paul Hibbitts SFU

955-1010: Tablets in the Fire Service, Jerome Rodriguez, JIBC, Don Jolley, Fire Chief, Pitt Meadows Fire Department

1010-1020: bio break

1020-1040: Panel 1


1045-1110: Accessibility in Online Learning, Chad Leaman, Neil Squire Society

1115-1130: Moodle for the Visually Impaired, VCC

1135-1155: Panel 2

1200-1230: Lunch in Atrium

1230-1250: Student Panel

Post Secondary and Beyond

1255-110:  Soilweb: An OER for the study of Soil Science in BC— Chris Crowley and Saeed Dyanatkar

115-130: Business Communications using ventriloquism and multimedia, Gary Green, JIBC

135-150: Early Childhood Education, Barb Mathieson, Capilano University

155-210: Rouxbe, Carolyn Levy, Blank Design

215-230: Medical Radiography, Rosario Passos and Ali Shabar, BCIT

235-250: Self Study Learning Object for Nursing, Maureen Mackey & Tim Paul, Douglas College

315-330: Panel 3

330-345: Summary and Wrap Up


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